Xposed Framework Installer APK Fix Android 4.4.4 by Solarwarez

Xposed is such a one of great invention on Android. We can do many things like hacking, theme modding, remapping our Android device key, and many more. And what i most like from Xposed (and the modules of course) is it's not make high risk when we use the modules, because all process we made by the modules can be easily reverted back to the original by just deactivate the module.

But just back few days I changed my Samsung Galaxy V device ROM to Cyanogenmod 11, and the developer give a note that Xposed does not work in this ROM. This is not bug, but it's because Cyanogenmod 11 use Android 4.4.4 that have more updated Android security patch so it's harder to "breach" the system where Xposed will be installed. But one of XDA member [email protected] made some change in Xposed personally so it can be installed on Android Kitkat 4.4.4. I have tried his Xposed on my Samsung Galaxy V CM11 ROM and it work good.

xposed framework installer fix android 4.4.4 by solarwarez

Xposed Installer fix Android 4.4.4 by solarwarez android application download link

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-> Download Xposed installer fix android 4.4.4 by solarwarez via XDA Forum

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