MonsterUI APK - Materialization Theming App For Your Android Device [Xposed]

One more amazing Xposed module Android application called "MonsterUI" APK. On my opinion, MonsterUI is simply the best and simply the most simple application that allow us to theming our Android device to material looking style. And most of great, MonsterUI is an Xposed module which means the modification of our Android device colors, style, window transition, and others changes is made without touching the system itself (by make use of the Xposed framework) so it is moderately safe in its jobs.

Xposed installed.
Backup, just in case.

It looks the concept of MonsterUI for now is to bring the Android Lollipop material style to its user. By installing and using MonsterUI, we can get Android Lollipop style and framework icons, window and app transition, animation on our Android device and we can change the colors, details, etc as we like easily just like using the color picker.

We also can theming our Android device installed applications using per individual settings. Example if you want to change an application main color theme, or bored with the default color of Google Play Store theme, then MonsterUI is the right Xposed module application that can make happen all of that wish :D .

Unfortunately, it looks this Android application is still not 100% complete to cover compatibilities on many Android devices, especially the vendor ROM's like Touchwiz. Maybe MonsterUI will be more compatible with AOSP based ROM or its sister project like CyanogenMod. When I try MonsterUI on my Samsung Galaxy V Touchwiz (stock ROM), i encounter some bugs, crash here, crash there, and unfunctionality.

Hope it will get fixed and of course to get polished with more features, as I seen this Xposed module has gotten many feedback on Play Store.


monsterui android application xposed user interface


Some screenshot on my stock Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ after installing MonsterUI:


samsung galaxy v sm-g313hz settings user interface after monsterui theming
samsung galaxy v sm-g313hz recent apps user interface after monsterui theming
Quoted from the Developer:

MonsterUI is an xposed module which helps you theme your android to looke like android Lollipop.
There is a many customization options like ripple effect, theme accent settings (Primary and Secondary color), Per App Theming and many many more!


MonsterUI APK Android application download link

# MONSTER UI v. 6.1.apk (3.6 MB)


MonsterUI Android application [Xposed module] is available for free on Play Store.

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