Install TWRP v Recovery Without PC or Computer Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is another one of the most used custom recovery for Android smartphone. This time i will share TWRP for samsung galaxy v SM-G313HZ, vivalto KST kernel (had OTA updated before), and can be installed without PC / computer (through recovery). For you who use another kernel (or have not update your device via OTA), maybe you can try this recovery too, but maybe i can not guarantee the success. So make a prepared backup, and do with your own risk. You also can use Flashify v 1.6.6 app to backup your current recovery and restore it later when you need.

twrp custom recovery samsung galaxy v


- Rooted
- CWM recovery installed
- File TWRP (+- 8.4MB)
- Backup as needed
- Brain :v



TWRP recovery for Samsung Galaxy V device is made by Indonesian, one of member XDA forum cleverior.ipul. Why we need to choose install TWRP, although before we have installed CWM, it is just the same? You right, but after installed TWRP i just realized that there is so many benefit and advantage that i don't found on CWM recovery before, like TWRP is support touch, so we don't need to press the hardware key of our device many times that will cause to earlier key broken on our device.

Some features that i do not found on CWM recovery previously i installed:



  • Touch support
  • We can take screenshot by pressing key: volume down + power
  • We can choose where we will save the backup (internal or external)
  • We can choose what partitions we want to backup (is it backup just the system, the data, etc...)
  • Nandroid backup size is smaller (because it don't backup internal, it's good as internal itself is part of device MEMORY). When create Nandroid backup using CWM i found the size is +3 GB, but when using TWRP it's just +-1 GB (can be smaller by check the "compress" option)
  • File manager (in "Advance" menu")
  • And many more...



Installation TWRP Samsung Galaxy V without PC / computer

Download the flashable zip file of TWRP above, place it on your external memory card. Just straight put your device into recovery mode, choose "Install zip" -> "Choose zip from sdcard", find and choose where you put the TWRP zip file, choose " Yes...". Reboot smartphone (or automatically reboot).

When we go to recovery mode with TWRP for the first time, there will be a warning wizard that is you want to use the TWRP for JUST THIS TIME or want to use it PERMANENTLY (replace your stock recovery). If we want to use it permanent (replace the previous recovery), we must accept the TWRP to change the system to make TWRP permanent on our device. Just read the first wizard...

Source and thread: XDA Forum


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