Install Supersu [Chainfire] via CWM Recovery (Update Binary + Root) Android

Allright, before i have show you how to root, and install CWM recovery for our Android smartphone without PC. But i suggest you to replace the old supersu management app with more reliable and the mastermind behind supersu itself, it is with Supersu by Chainfire. I suggest you to replace your Android smartphone supersu management with Supersu by Chainfire because it is more reliable, more RAM will be saved, and it is had more language support (not like 360 root and Root Dashi / King root that had Chinese basic).

Besides, this tutorial is also to root your android smartphone for you who have installed CWM custom recovery via PC / Computer.

What we need :

* Already installed CWM custom recovery. If you have not, then you can read How to Install CWM recovery without PC / Computer.

* A zip file of CWM-Supersu v

Steps install Supersu [Chainfire] via CWM

1. For you who had installed another supersu app like 360 Super Root, Root Dashi / King Root, and etc, you must delete the apps first.

2. Download file CWM-Supersu v, place it in external sdcard.

3. Go to recovery mode. Turn off your android smartphone, then simultaneously press and hold the volume up+power+home button for about 5 second.

4. Now you are in recovery mode, choose "Install zip" --> "install zip from sdcard" --> find where you save the CWM-supersu zip file and choose it --> "...yes..." --> Go back and reboot your Android smartphone.

After the installation success, we can update the supersu and the binary by downloading Supersu [Chainfire] at the app market. When we open the updated Chainfire Supersu for the first time as it ask to update the binary, we can choose with "..CWM/TWRP..." (but via "Normal" too sometimes work for me). Then if we update the root binary of our Android smartphone, it will be more suitable for every new update of root-needed applications.


-> How to Install CWM custom recovery without PC / Computer

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