How to Fix Write Permission in External SD Card on Android Kitkat

Have you experience when using your Android smartphone (Android Kitkat and up especially) and trying to make a file / folder or trying to extract archives files (.zip, .rar, etc) in the external SD card (storage/extSdCard/) but it end with failure or failed process? It could be not an error or the archive file is broken, but it is one of limitation on Android Kitkat (4.4.x) that applications except system applications can not do a write / execute operations in the external SD card in vain. So how we solve this, because we very need the full access of external SD card moreover if our device internal storage is so small like mine? It is fairly easy, we can use SD card write fix application like Nextapp SDfix. This tutorial work good on my Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ (Kitkat 4.4.2)

Quoted from the developer:

"NextApp SDFix will modify the configuration file located at /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml to allow apps to write to the MicroSD card. Specifically, SDFix will add the Android UNIX group "media_rw" to the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission's configuration. This will enable apps (only those that you granted write access permissions to when you installed them) to write files to the MicroSD card. On many devices, this is effectively reverting the state of this permission back to the way it was configured in Android 4.3. This modification is carried out by modifying the existing XML file, rather than replacing it."


- Rooted.
- NEXTAPP SDFIX.apk (+- 402 kB) app.
- Backup, if needed.

Steps fixing external SD card write permission on Android Kitkat

  1. Download and install Nextapp Sdfix app.
  2. Open the Nextapp sdfix and don't forget to give it superuser rights if asked, and read the instruction. The process is just as easy as One Click and just need a seconds.
  3. Done, reboot your Android device and now your valuable and rich-space external SD card is fully accessable in your Android smartphone device.


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