Getux for CM11 ROM Custom Kernel Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Allright, now I will share about custom kernel for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ called Getux Kernel. For your info, "Getux" is a name of Indonesian food :D . This custom kernel is created for Samsung Galaxy V running CyanogenMod 11 ROM (CM11). So do not try this on other ROM, except you are a true hacker :v . This kernel is created by [email protected]

Actually I do not have intend to install a custom kernel before. But recently I need to switch my Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ ROM into the one running Android KitKat because I want to play Final Fantasy IV (FFIV) Android game (Some Square Enix games cannot run on Android Lollipop and up, and one of them is FFIV). Well the stock ROM is sucks :v , so I prefer to go back with CyanogenMod 11 ROM.

But the developer is removed the third final release of CM11 ROM because some bugs. Then I go with the second final release of course, and guess what? It cannot boot up. Luckily I got some qlues by guys there that we can fix it by installing another custom kernel. I had a traumatic with OC kernel as it overclocked to 1.4 GHz (my Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone cannot handle so high CPU clock speed as make it cannot boot up). Then I choose the Getux Kernel and voila! Finally it can boot :D .



about phone kernel info getux kernel cm11 samsung galaxy v sm-g314hz


overclock getux kernel cm11 samsung galaxy v sm-g313hz


Getux Kernel for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ CM11 feature

v. 1

  • The standard feature of CM11 stock kernel.
  • Added 600 MHz CPU clock speed.

v. k1.1

  • Re-compiled kernel with Sabermod 4.9.x toolchain
  • (NEW!) Changed zRAM compressor to LZ4 (faster than LZO)
  • Triple-zRAMs (more crazy multitasking)
  • Added new IO scheduler : ROW, FIOPS, SIOPLUS, BFQ, ZEN
  • Added new governor : INTERACTIVE
  • (NEW!) Overclock increased to 1,3GHz
  • Disabled zCache, enabled zswap and enable LZ4 zswap compression
  • LZ4 compression to kernel
  • zRAM backported from Linux 3.9 (to enable LZ4 compression)
  • Init.d supported


How to install Getux Kernel on Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ running CyanogenMod 11 ROM (CM11)

  1. It is recommended to install it on fresh CM11 ROM installment (install it just after the rom is done installed).
  2. Just go to recovery mode and install the zip file of Getux Kernel you just downloaded.
  3. After the Getux Kernel is finish installed, wipe dalvik cache.
  4. Reboot your Android phone!



Getux Kernel for Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ CM11 ROM download link

-> GETUX KERNEL v. (5.4 MB)

-> GETUX KERNEL v. (5.5 MB)


Getux Kernel v. k1.1 notes

There is one update I must underlining it on Getux Kernel v. k1.1, it is that the CPU speed frequency has been overclocked into 1.3 GHz by default. This will bring more performance on this Android phone of course, especially when playing games. But if your Samsung Galaxy V Android phone cannot handle it, it will cause you random reboot.

To set to normal CPU clock speed, we can set it through system settings:

  1. Open the Developer Options. Go to "Settings" -> "About Phone", tap about 7-10 times rapidly on "Build number" section. There should be a toast message "You have enable developer option".
  2. Go back to "Settings" main menu, it should appear "Performance" option now, select it.
  3. Select "Processor" -> "Maximum CPU frequency", and set it to "1.2 GHz".
  4. Do not forget to check the "Set on boot" option.

To activate init.d, type "getuxmagic" (without quotes) in Terminal Emulator app.


Source: Blog Si Ipul.



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