Foneboy Zombie Hunter Apocalypse Apk Android Game Download + Review

A peachy as well as fun Android game is non should ever accept Gigs size. Zombie Hunter Apocalypse APK is 1 them. It is a commencement soul shooter game for Android platform which offers us to shoot zombies for gratis :D .

Packed alongside size nether 100 MB, Zombie Hunter Apocalypse is accept such a prissy 3D graphic. It is a lightweight game too. This game is run alongside really proficient speed on my Samsung Milky Way V Android band which has exclusively singlecore processor as well as 512 MB of RAM.





A peachy as well as fun Android game is non should ever accept Gigs size Foneboy Zombie Hunter Apocalypse APK Android Game Download + Review


Zombie Hunter Apocalypse APK Android game info

game title   Zombie Hunter Apocalypse
publisher   Genera Games.
genre   First Person Shooter, shooter, zombies.
game format   APK.
system requirements   Android 2.3 as well as up
tested on   Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

The metropolis is invaded past times zombies, yous equally a especial shooter forces are given labor to protect the metropolis as well as in 1 trial once again to kill the wandering zombies.

Use as well as upgrade from diverse of weapons from snipers, or if yous prefer shoot them massively using automatic weapons similar AK-47, or merely blown them inward unmarried striking alongside your grenade as well as bazooka! All choices are on your manus (or your finger).

Just exercise it carefully when killing zombies as well as hence the citizen is non wound impacted past times your weapons. Don't forget to utilisation your ability upward items to brand your labor easier because in that location is yet many zombies awaiting yous on about other places!


Zombie Hunter Apocalypse Android game features

  • Intense activity from the best zombie shooting game.
  • Many weapon kinds to choose: Sniper Rifles ( Barret M82, M90, as well as Dragunov ), Heavy guns, Rocket launchers, as well as other especial weapons similar Crossbows as well as scifi snipers.
  • More than 250 missions: Campaign Mode, Helicopter Missions as well as Weapon, Guns examination mode, Speedy zombies, as well as Superzombies
  • 5 maps alongside 3D immersive graphic that never earlier on zombie shooting games: Infected city, Abandoned Amusement Park, or Arctic.
  • Dynamic weathers.
  • 3D gorgeous graphic.
  • Missions Editor: You tin lav brand many variations as well as your ain challenging missions.
  • Explore unique as well as master copy HELICOPTER MISSIONS, allowing yous to wing over the zombie frontiers as well as to slay hordes of undead from to a higher house alongside the machine gun.
  • Special Event: BE Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 ZOMBIE! The roles accept switched, yous tin lav instantly savour walking the darkened metropolis streets equally 1 of the undead. Leave the graveyard, exercise your zombie defense, lead handgrip of the humans as well as feed on their juicy brains.
  • SUPERZOMBIES MISSIONS (Death Kiss, Zordor the Clown, Headless Walker)

Zombie Hunter Apocalypse APK Android game update changelog:

  • v. 2.4.2 (28/7/2017)
    M16 FREE for a express time! Try it out!
  • v. 2.4.1
    - Bugs Fixed


Zombie Hunter Apocalypse APK android game download link

-> ZOMBIE HUNTER APOCALYPSE v. 2.4.2.apk (66.1 MB)

Older versions


Zombie Hunter Apocalypse Android game is available for gratis on Play Store. Rate it as well as give it prissy comment if yous intend this game is good.


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