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The Tribez APK + Data is a metropolis edifice simulation game for Android. But what unique hither is y'all volition non prepare a modern metropolis similar whatever other mainstream metropolis edifice game, but inwards The Tribez APK + Data Android game the thespian instead volition survive given a chore equally a main inwards a prehistoric village.

Overall The Tribez is a really fun simulation game alongside its prehistoric settings. This game is likewise bring small-scale size that is really suitable on my lilliputian Samsung Milky Way V Android phone. Moreover, The Tribez Android game is playable fifty-fifty without meshing connector or has offline agency :D .




The Tribez Android game info

game title   The Tribez
publisher   Game Insight
genre   Simulation
game format   APK + Data
system requirements   Android 2.3 as well as up
tested on   Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ


Game Insight, the ‘Best mobile game publisher of 2012’, presents its legendary game The Tribez!

Tribez is non but a game! Tribez is an adventure, where y'all go to a distant yesteryear sum of secrets, mysteries as well as many hours of addictive uncovering of an unknown, but beautiful world! You are invited to see a primitive basis inhabited yesteryear a peace-loving people, who bring been hidden behind a miles-deep portal from fourth dimension immemorial. Build your ain stone-age village, explore territories hidden yesteryear mountains as well as seas, as well as atomic number 82 your tribe, who considers y'all sent yesteryear the gods, to prosperity.

Tribez is a basis inwards which y'all experience alive!


  • This game industrial plant inwards offline agency without Internet – play it on the plane, inwards subway or on the road. Enjoy!
  • Simple, intuitive controls.
  • Cute as well as adorable characters you’ll love!
  • Beautiful vibrant basis you’ll teach immersed into instantly.
  • Lively animations brand the prehistoric basis come upwards to life.
  • Tons of objects, characters, buildings as well as decorations.
  • Truly inexhaustible possibilities to educate your ain stone-age empire.
  • Hundreds of captivating quests: search for treasure as well as artifacts, detect distant islands, explore mysterious caves as well as much, much more!


The Tribez APK + DATA Android game download link

-> THE TRIBEZ v. 7.0.3
APK (20.7 MB) | DATA (57.3 MB)


The Tribez Android game is available for costless on Play Store. Rate it as well as laissez passer it dainty comment if y'all mean value the game is good.



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