Foneboy Server For Php Apk Android Application Download + Tutorial

Do you lot know PHP? Of course of pedagogy if you lot are a webmaster or are studying the spider web programming you lot must move know of PHP. For people who nonetheless novel to PHP programming may pick out gratis hosting to exercise as well as run PHP code.

In Windows, at that spot are lot of programs similar XAMPP that permit us to run PHP server as well as execute the code locally on our computer. How most on Android? Now I volition portion my favorite PHP server Android application to run PHP code locally on our Android device, as well as it is "Server for PHP" (APK).

Don't move wrong, at that spot are a lot of PHP server applications created for Android. The best of PHP/Web server Android app are making the app to buy the farm paid, as well as the ones which gratis are using outdated PHP version.

And then hither it is, "Server for PHP" Android app is a gratis PHP server for Android, yet they are buy the farm on upward to appointment amongst latest PHP version. The final fourth dimension I role this app on my Android telephone is using PHP 7.20 installed (most of other apps nonetheless using PHP 5.xx).

Server for PHP Android app was released nether publisher Tautvidas Andrykis on Play Store. Moreover, this app is as well as opened upward source as well as has no ads. We dearest Open Source, nosotros dearest gratis stuffs, as well as nosotros dislike ads. Is at that spot anything less :D ?

 Of course of pedagogy if you lot are a webmaster or are studying the spider web programming you lot must move know of  Foneboy Server for PHP APK Android Application Download + Tutorial


Quoted from the developer:

Pure PHP 5.4+, 7+ server amongst modules: core, session, standard, date, ereg, libxml, openssl, pcre, sqlite3, zlib, bcmath, bz2, calendar, ctype, curl, dom, hash, fileinfo, filter, ftp, gd, gettext, gmp, spl, iconv, intl, json, mbstring, mcrypt, mongodb, mysqlnd, mysqli, odbc, pdo, pdo_mysql, pdo_odbc, pdo_pgsql, pdo_sqlite, pgsql, phar, posix, pspell, recode, reflection, mysql, simplexml, soap, sockets, exif, tidy, tokenizer, wddx, xml, xmlreader, xmlrpc, xmlwriter, xsl, zip, cli_server, mhash, ssh2, opcache, phalcon, yaf, yar, id3, lzf, oauth, quickhash, bbcode, xmldiff, xdiff, rar, gender, stats, eio, judy, mailparse, rpmreader, spl_types, yaml, ev, inotify, weakref, xdebug, dba, imagick, ldap

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How to install Server for PHP as well as run PHP code on your Android device

  1. Download as well as install "Server for PHP" on your Android device. You tin download it for gratis on Play Store. Or if you lot quest APK file, at that spot it is at the terminate of this post.
  2. When the commencement fourth dimension you lot opened upward the app, you lot volition move provided amongst listing of all available PHP versions. You tin download about other PHP version, or but pick out to install the latest version provided that come upward amongst along within the app file.
  3. Choose the PHP version you lot desire to install as well as expect until the installation done (This mightiness accept a while).
  4. Done! After the installation done, tap "Start Server" on the bottom to start the PHP server on your Android.
  5. You tin access the PHP index server yesteryear visiting http://localhost:8080/ using your browser. Don't forget the http://, because about spider web browser similar Opera Mini volition process the url every bit an mistake if nosotros access it without http://.
  6. The default index directory on your PHP server is on SdCard/www/public/. Start working your php file / code there!

If you lot desire to construct an integrated local spider web server amongst latest PHP as well as SQL version on your Android device, you lot tin banking corporation agree the tutorial here: How to Setup Integrated Local Web Server on Android amongst PHP as well as SQL using Esminis Server Apps

Server for PHP Android app update changelog

v. 1.13.6-arm (08/1/2018)

  • User interface as well as server install improvements
  • PHP 7.2.0 built-in


Server for PHP APK Android app download link

System requirements: Android 4.1 as well as higher

-> SERVER FOR PHP v. 1.13.6-arm.apk (34.3 MB)



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