Foneboy Http Server Powered Past Times Apache For Android - Apk Application Download + Tutorial

"HTTP Server Powered yesteryear Apache" (APK) is an Android application that permit us to install in addition to run HTTP Apache server on our Android device. This is pure HTTP server. There are lots of Server apps created for Android, but this App has i excellency in addition to that is they ever follow upwards to the latest version of the Apache HTTP Server.

This app is released nether the publisher "Tautvydas Andrikys" in addition to is an opened upwards source project. It's slowly to install it in addition to nosotros tin likewise conduct from the diverse numbers of Apache HTTP server version available. No root access needed to role this app.

I receive got tested this app on my Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ Android phone (arm processor). However, it seems this app is non developed properly yet for intel processor Android device.

 is an Android application that permit us to install in addition to run HTTP Apache server on our Android Foneboy HTTP Server Powered yesteryear Apache for Android - APK Application Download + Tutorial

Quoted from the developer:

Apache HTTP (version 2.2+) server for Android, gratuitous in addition to without ads

Facebook page:

Support this projection yesteryear translating it:


How to install in addition to run Apache HTTP Server on your Android device

  1. Download in addition to install HTTP Server Powered yesteryear Apache Android app. You tin larn it on Play Store, or you lot tin download the APK from mirror link at the goal of this post.
  2. When the commencement fourth dimension you lot opened upwards the app, you lot volition move provided alongside a lists of available Apache HTTP server available. You tin download unopen to other versions of Apache HTTP server, or merely conduct in addition to install the latest version provided there.
  3. Wait until the installation done, this tin receive got quite a while.
  4. After the installation are done, tap "Start Server" inwards the bottom to start the HTTP server on your Android device.
  5. Done! Now to access your installed local HTTP server, you lot tin access http://localhost:8000 using your browser. Don't forget the http://, because unopen to browser similar Opera Mini volition care for the address equally an mistake without http://
  6. The default index directory on your PHP server is on SdCard/htdocs/public/.

If you lot desire to construct an integrated local spider web server alongside latest PHP in addition to SQL version on your Android device, you lot tin depository fiscal establishment jibe the tutorial here: How to Setup Integrated Local Web Server on Android alongside PHP in addition to SQL using Esminis Server Apps.

HTTP Server Powered yesteryear Apache Android app update changelog

Latest version

  • Possible fixes for server going into restart loop (if afterward this update you lot are notwithstanding having this consequence delight write an email)
  • Fixed possible crash on server halt / restart when using Prefork MPM
  • ! New user interface - alongside to a greater extent than information (server file-system paths / descriptions, to a greater extent than verbose logging, ... )
  • Doze / slumber agency support
  • WiFi lock piece server is running (only on Android 6+ devices)
  • Added Croatian, Ukrainian, Chinese Hong Kong in addition to Vietnamese translations (big cheers to translators)

HTTP Server Powered yesteryear Apache APK Android app download link

System requirements: Android 4.1 in addition to higher

-> HTTP SERVER POWERED BY APACHE v. 1.2.2-arm.apk (6.6 MB)

HTTP Server Powered yesteryear Apache Android application is available for gratuitous on Play Store. Rate it in addition to ambit it overnice comment if you lot intend the app is useful.



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