Foneboy Gltools Apk (Gxf Optimizer) - Play Game Smoother On Your Android Device

Now this 1 is about other Android underworld application which good known particularly on Android gamer community, as well as it is GLTools. GLTools (APK) Android app is created mainly for gaming usage on Android devices.

Many Android games developed today only getting to a greater extent than beautiful as well as realistic graphic. To run those heavy graphic games, nosotros volition demand powerful Android device packaged amongst powerful processors as well as big retention (RAM). If yous forcefulness a game to run on an Android device which non come across the minimum organisation requirements for the game, therefore larn prepare to come across "Mr. Lag" or fifty-fifty his older brothers "Mr. Stopped" as well as "Mr. Force Close" :D. And that's when GLTools is needed.

The original business office of GLTools (APK) Android app that to a greater extent than oftentimes than non used is the graphic reducer. By using GLTools (APK) Android app nosotros tin "manipulate" our Android device organisation to trim back the game resolution, trim back the 3D textures, mistaken our device GPU, etc. By those ways, nosotros tin play games smoother amongst improve FPS (Frame Per Second) on our Android device.

To brand game run smoother as well as faster on our Android device is non all what GLTools tin do. GLTools also has business office to lift or prepare the game graphic for improve graphic output on our Android device past times manipulating the device organisation data to the running game (amazing, right?).

For yous who had quite about sense on Android hacking as well as tweaking may already know nearly an Android app named 3D Chainfire. Well, to a greater extent than or less GLTools as well as 3D Chainfire was created for similar purposes. What divergence those 2 Android applications is GLTools has richer features as well as back upward broader gain of Android version from Android 2.3 upward to Android 6.0. And GLTools (APK) Android app is nevertheless on active evolution until now.



Quoted from the developer:

Root as well as a writable /system segmentation are required! Please, read the description completely! Don't elbow grease to usage reviews for communication as well as bugreports - they volition move ignored

GLTools is a custom OpenGLES driver (proxy), that is compatible amongst whatever known OpenGLES 2.0-compatible GPU + ARM or x86 processor. If yous nevertheless don't understand, what this app is, the closest known analog is Chainfire3D.

Features list:
  • Change resolution as well as rendering bitness inwards whatever app, fifty-fifty if it doesn't back upward that past times default.
  • Change GPU hollo as well as bask enhanced graphics fifty-fifty on a noname low-end GPU.
  • Take amount command over textures: immediately yous tin decompress/recompress them (even if your GPU doesn't back upward that texture format) as well as resize. Note that decompression characteristic is available solely if you'll install a plugin (internet is required to practise that).
  • Optimize shaders on-the-fly for optimal functioning (the same optimizer is used inwards Unity3D engine past times default).
  • Enable MSAA or CSAA inwards whatever app to improve graphics character (make certain that your GPU supports that).
  • Measure gained functioning amongst a prissy onscreen FPS counter (or yous tin output FPS data to Logcat if yous are a pro).
GLTools is 100% security if yous bring a custom recovery installed (and yous didn't disable backup inwards GLTools install dialog), if you'll abide by it non-working, yous tin only flash inwards recovery as well as electronic mail me amongst details (or asking a refund).

If yous don't bring one, it is NOT safe, only similar whatever other system-related tool, brand certain that yous are able to recover your firmware inwards illustration of whatever problems.

Failed on:
  • Nexus vi @ Android 6.0.1. Adreno is supported much better
  • Stock Nvidia Shield firmwares

Some games neglect to operate on devices amongst Mail GPU fifty-fifty amongst GLTools enabled.

Not working past times pattern on:RemixOS.Non-rooted devices.Emulators of whatever kind.



Some noob tips to larn improve graphic functioning as well as character on your Android games using GLTools app

  • Game is smooth, but concealment is dark / bring dark dotted: tick the "Force sixteen flake rendering"
  • Lag or forcefulness closed on game:
    * Change "Downscales texture," = 0.5, or select value below it (reduce graphic quality).
    * Tick "Use mistaken cpu" as well as "Use mistaken GPU". Then alter the "Use a template". May demand about experiment to try the best setting.
    * Reduce the value of "Use lower homecoming resolution" (reduce graphic).
  • Increasing graphic quality:
    * Tick "Optimise glsl shader".
    * Increase the value of "Anti aliasing", check it amongst your device (Tegra or non-Tegra device).
    * Tick "Use mistaken CPU" as well as "Use mistaken GPU". Change the "Use a template". May demand about experiment to try the best setting.


How to install GLTools on your Android device


Now this 1 is about other Android underworld application which good known particularly on Andr Foneboy GLTools APK (Gxf optimizer) - Play Game Smoother on Your Android Device
(First installation screen)

When your are nearly to opened upward the GLTools app for the starting fourth dimension time it volition demand to inject codes to your Android device system. Turn on your cyberspace connectedness therefore the GPU decoder plugin alternative is available to move installed on our Android device.


Gltools APK Android application download link


GLTOOLS XDA v. 2.01.apk (22.9 MB)

Older versions:


This is the XDA version of GLTools Android app. The premium / paid version of GLTools Android app amongst latest updates from the developer is available on Play Store.


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