Foneboy Downhill Xtreme Apk + Obb Android Game Download + Review

Downhill Xtreme (apk + obb) is a sport game for Android platfrom. It is a sport game that adapted the downhill roller skating extreme sport. Well, downhill roller skating is non a pop sports or game compared to skateboard or H2O ice skating. But it is a fun game I think.

The practiced 3D graphic inward Downhill Xtreme APK + OBB Android game is 1 of the appeal from this game. The mountains together with loma scenery or fifty-fifty the Sun lite reflected on the oestrus asphalt is expect realistic. This game besides packed to a size than tin live classified to pocket-size remembering the dainty 3D graphics.

Although Downhill Xtreme Android game is composed amongst beautiful 3D graphic, it is surprisingly run amongst polish on my singlecore Samsung Milky Way V Android telephone amongst alone 512 MB of RAM.

I'm merely disappoint amongst 1 matter from this Android game: The developer is non updated this game anymore since 2013 :'D .


 It is a sport game that adapted the downhill roller skating extreme sport Foneboy Downhill Xtreme APK + OBB Android Game Download + Review


Downhill Xtreme APK + Data OBB android game description


game title   Downhill Xtreme
developer   Distinctive Games.
genre   Sport.
game format   APK + OBB
system requirements   Android 2.2 or higher
tested on   Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

Downhill Xtreme Android game (APK + Data OBB) is basically a game adapted from Downhill roller skating sport. On the game thespian volition brand his ain skater, customize his appearance similar equipping unopen to clothing together with other gears, together with besides purchase unopen to ameliorate boards amongst ameliorate speed together with stability, or upgrade the existing board, together with purchase unopen to mightiness upward especial if y'all experience involve to.

After all the training is finished, hence nosotros tin merely lead caput to the available downhill skating race, position to a qualification race, together with lastly if nosotros practiced plenty to qualified hence nosotros tin movement into the primary race together with racing against other skater.


Downhill Xtreme APK + OBB android game download link

-> DOWNHILL XTREME.apk (+- 15 MB)


Downhill Xtreme Android game is available for gratis on Play Store. Rate it together with laissez passer on it dainty comment if y'all mean value this game is good.



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