Foneboy 3D Chess Game Apk Android Game Download + Review

Do you lot similar playing chess game? Well every bit for me, I fifty-fifty rarely touched my manus into a chess board :D . Since kids, I don't know how to playing chess. But it is until I receive got a telephone as well as a chess game installed on it. And my chess instructor on my Android telephone is this 3D Chess Game APK.

3D Chess Game for Android is a really proficient chess game. It has a uncomplicated User Interface alongside no confusing options or settings as well as therefore percentage instrumentalist tin focus solely on 1 thing: 'The game'. Well it is the digital version of chess game afterward all game afterward all.

H5N1 digital chess game should locomote made every bit uncomplicated every bit possible similar this 3D Chess Game. Because I mean value the about of import matter is when you lot accept activeness inwards a existent game using a existent chess board against a existent human (A existent percentage instrumentalist what I hateful :D ).

From this 3D Chess Game APK Android game I could larn how their moves as well as rules alongside the 'doing, watching, as well as learning'. Just similar the wise words or quotes: "1 times practicing is to a greater extent than precious than 100 times reading".




3D Chess Game APK Android game info


game title   3D Chess Game
genre   Board, sport, chess.
developer   A Trillion Games
game format   APK only
system requirements   Android 4.0.3 or higher
tested on   Android phone: Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ


Quoted from the developer:

Features of 3D Chess game Android game:
  • Playing chess against computer, inwards 3D! You vs AI, AI vs AI (you lookout every bit audience), You vs your friend!
  • Completely gratuitous (not a demo, no locked feature!)
  • Powerful chess engine as well as copy beginner opponent at the same time.
  • Realistic 3D Model, animation, as well as effects.
  • Change all colors, including metallic cloth number for the chessman!
  • Observe the check yesteryear undo as well as redo, stride yesteryear step! Modify, pause, etc.
  • Watch ii A.I check each other!
  • Observe what A.I produce when it taking its step.
  • Play inwards normal or timer mode, as well as run across what agency you lot are playing well.
  • Never played chess before? Quick noob tutorial is likewise included!


3D Chess Game APK Android game download link

-> 3D CHESS GAME.apk (6 MB)


3D Chess Game Android game is available for gratuitous on Play Store. Rate it as well as laissez passer it overnice comment if you lot mean value the game is good.


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