Best Xposed Theming App Module for Android I Ever Used [Xposed]

One amazing thing we can do on our Android device if we have Xposed installed, is we can modify and change the system theme (colors, transition effect, etc). The best is because it take advantage of use of Xposed framework and it means the look of our Android device system is changed without touching the apk of system. All changes is safe as it been made on memory and can be easily reverted back just by deactivate the module from the Xposed app.

There are many modules created by for theming our Android device out there. This is a great way for users who want / like to modify Android device looks and view but do not have coding skill or do not want to messy with apk decompiling-recompiling, just like me :D . Now here it is the 5 best Xposed module theming app for modifying Android device system User Interface, version

  1. Wanam Xposed by "Wanam"

    Wanam Exposed is a great utility Xposed module Android application for tweaking Android system User Inteface, made especially for Samsung Touchwiz ROM based phone. We can change and modify the status bar, tweak the system menu like power menu, change background, change colors, etc. Wanam Xposed is have 2 version, for Samsung Android 4.2+ and for Samsung Android 5.x+. Its working best environment on a deodexed ROM.
    wanam xposed android module user interface

    Although mainly created for Samsung Touchwiz based phone, its not closing possibility to work on other Custom ROM though the compatibility might not be guaranteed. Head to the official thread of Wanam Xposed on XDA Forum.

    For Samsung Android 4.2+ (1.8 MB) | For Samsung Android 5.x+ (1.1 MB)
  2. Xblast Tools by "FemBlack"

    Xblast Tools is another great theming Xposed module for Android device. Based on my experience when used it, it is have no different purpose with Wanam Xposed, except Xblast Tools is created to serve for universal Android phone and ROM's starting from Android 4.0.3 and up. Check the thread by "FemBlack" on XDA Forum.
    xblast tools android xposed module user interface


  3. Android Theme Engine / Ex-Themer by "vishal11in"

    For the third entry, there is Android Theme Engine. Also there is 2 different name of this Xposed module but it looks it have actually same purpose and I can catch it because its created by same developer. Android theme Engine is created for more universal Android version from JellyBean, Kitkat to Lollipop, while Ex-Themer is created for Android Kitkat.
    android theme engine xposed module user interface

    What differencing Android Theme Engine and Ex-Themer from Xposed theming app i said above is they have a custom template selection option, which it can make total modification to the system theme and colors by applying from a template inside it (of course partially modification is still exist for you to use). Unfortunately, the compatibility is restricted to only AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based ROM and some popular Android phone only. Read more on the official thread on XDA Forum.

    Android Theme Engine.apk (10.6 MB) | Ex-Themer.apk (for Kitkat) (2.7 MB)
  4. GravityBox by "C3C076"

    Now this is one of my favorites Xposed module, GravityBox. Actually the "theming" modification feature is almost no exist in this app. GravityBox only created to make some minor modification to the Android system framework like changing the status bar elements, navigation bar elements, power menu, key function tweak, etc. Still I like this Xposed module because it never fail on every ROM i have used and it support from Android Jelly Bean to the Android Marshmallow.

  5. MonsterUI by "KuaQ"

    For the last one, there is a simple and great Xposed theming app for Android called "MonsterUI". The idea of MonsterUI is to theme Android framework style and colors to be a Lollipop Material style. This Xposed module is can work on every ROM's, but all the features and compatibility is working best on AOSP based ROM I think.



All the Android Xposed module is available on Consider DONATIONS to the developer if you think the application is usefull.

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