Beat MP3 2.0 APK Android Game Download + Review - Cool Rhythm Game That Using Our Own Songs

Beat MP3 2.0 APK is a cool rhythm game for Android. If you had play Guitar Hero game on some console like Playstation 2, then I am sure you will very familiar with this Beat MP3 2.0 Android game. But what made it better, we play this Android game using our own songs directly from our device storage!

Yeah, I think the greatest point from this game is the use of mp3 and other format music file that exist on our device storage. It made me feel awesome. Yeah!

The main idea of BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm game APK is to follow all the notes trail and do not make mistake by tap on wrong time, or wrong place to get score as big as possible. We can compete the score we get with other players around the world.

Beat MP3 2.0 Rhythm game APK is basically an online game, it need internet connection to make the game start. But we turn off the internet connection as the game had trough the music menu. But again, our score will not be saved on the game server if we turn off the internet connection.


Beat MP3 2.0 APK Android game


game title   Beat MP3 2.0
genre   Online, rhythm
game format   APK
tested on   Samsung Galaxy V SM-G313HZ

- Quoted from the Developer -

BEAT MP3 2.0 Rhythm game APK features

  • This Android game included the special music analysis system, made notes just like the creator of the music itself.
  • Random algorythm intelligent that will make different notes position and variations every time you play the game, even on same song.
  • You can enjoy the game without any music analysis again after the first analysis has been done.
  • Everything is enjoyable, amazing graphics and effects, especially on the dynamic output that will make you drowned in the game.
  • Ranking features to compete with players all over the world.
  • Search music function, in case you have hundreds of songs to pick your most favorite one.


Many variations

  • Following a hard straight line.
  • Speed adjustment ( 1x to 5x with 0,5 difficulty multipliment ).
  • Long notes enable / disable.
  • Slide notes enable / disable.
  • Rhythm sound enable / disable.

Beat Mp3 2.0 Rhythm game APK need Android version 4.0 and higher.


Beat Mp3 2.0 APK - rhythm game android game version history download link

# BEAT MP3 2.0 - RHYTHM GAME v. 2.5.3.apk (+- 39.7 MB)

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