7 Best Free CyanogenMod 11 (CM11) Theme Packs for Your Android Device

Well maybe this topic is tooo... late to be posted :v But for your info, my android smartphone is a low end ones, so the Cyanogenmod 11 or CM11 is available just back few weeks you know. I thank you very much for the developer of CM11 for Samsung Galaxy V doesntexits @ XDA and other devs that i don't know the names but your hardwork to bring this amazing Cyanogenmod 11 ROM for my Samsung Galaxy V is so precious to me at it's nearly a miracle :v .

As you know, one of great feature of CM11 is the theme selector. The theme pack used here is not just to change icon only, but also it involved style, color, sound, boot animation and all parts of our android device look and feel. It's hard for me to choose from bunch which are the best for this CM11 theme. But this following theme is personally that make me fell in love from the first sight :v , that's why i choose them for your reference.

To change your feel and look of your Android device that CM11 ROM installed, you must first download and install theme pack (install it like normal app / apk). You can search for "CM11 theme" in Playstore either other source. After the theme pack is installed, go to "Settings" -> "Themes", and change the theme whatever you like.

Well without any longer, this is 7 BEST FREE CYANOGENMOD 11 THEME in random order version FoneBoy.idnblogger.com. You can find the themes easily at Playstore or any market.

  1. Green UI (by "Ronapps")

    This theme will change your Android smartphone device with elegant green and black combination. Actually i was looking for green theme for my Samsung Galaxy V, but most of them are paid except this nice theme pack. The green and black color of style and icon is very suitable for coloring your Ramadhan holy month for every moeslems.
    green ui homescreen cm11 theme
    green ui overview cm11 theme

    Download GREEN UI.apk theme (+- 10MB)
  2. TW Material (by "b16h22")

    Missing your Touchwiz in the Cyanogenmod 11 ROM? Then this theme will help ease your missing by bringing back Touchwiz icon and styles with combination of white and blue sky. Custom boot animation also included in this theme pack.
    tw material homescreen cm11 theme
    tw material overview cm11 theme

    Download TW MATERIAL.apk theme (+- 11MB)
  3. Britzer (by "IdeaDesigns")

    Now come an elegant theme for CM11 called Britzer. You eyes will be enjoyed by the combination from dark theme and nice electric blue.
    britzer homescreen cm11 theme
    britzer overview cm11 theme

    Download BRITZER.apk theme (+- 25.5MB)
  4. Crimson Cobalt (Red) (by "Dustinb")

Actually this is just one of theme pack from Crimson Cobalt themes series created by developer Dustinb. This theme is actually very good for you who are into red color. What i most like from this theme is the cute icons.

crimson cobalt red option cm11 theme


crimson cobalt red overview cm11 theme

Download CRIMSON COBALT (RED).apk theme (+ 22.8MB)


  • Smerald Green (by "novomileniotm")

    Come for another green theme, actually the green color in this theme is not pretty strong. But you will find the gorgeus at the colorful icon. This theme pack include all elements like sound pack and boot animation too.
    smerald green homescreen cm11 theme
    smerald green overview cm11 theme

    Download SMERALD GREEN.apk theme (+- 8.6MB)
  • Yellow Gold (by "Nikhil Bale")

    This yellow gold theme definitely will make your Android smartphone become more classy. This theme will also change your whatsapp icon bar and coloring your Android / AOSP keyboard.
    yellow gold homescreen cm11 theme
    yellow gold overview cm11 theme

    Download YELLOW GOLD.apk theme (+- 3.8MB)
  • L Lollipop - CM11/PA/MAHDI (by "tung91")

    Last but not least, here is a theme pack that will make your Android Kitkat smartphone become to Android L aka Lollipop look-a like. This theme pack will change your Android smartphone icons, style, boot animation, and even sound / notification to become Android L Lollipop style.... yeah!
    l lollipop cm11 theme
    l lollipop contact cm11 theme

    Download L LOLLIPOP.apk theme (+- 14MB)

It is recommended to reboot or restart your Android smartphone immediately after you have applying new theme or change your Cyanogenmod 11 ROM theme to optimise the changes.

* Note that the screenshot and display may be differ due to phones model and screen resolutions.

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